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Porsche Cayenne


The Cayenne’s interior manages the difficult balance of being a recognisably Porsche cockpit without being too obnoxiously sporting. This SUV has a different remit, after all, to the sportier 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman models. There’s a great ambience inside the Cayenne, with a definite solidity and feeling of quality. 

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Up to 4 passengers

Up to 4 large cases

+ hand luggage

4G WIFI Equipped 

Porsche 2.jpg

Here's What 
Top Gear
Had to Say...

The Cayenne remains the king of driver friendly SUVs. With the fancy tech and effort that Porsche has put into keeping the car’s weight down, it’s easy to forget what you’re driving. You could easily be in a performance saloon, and it’s either inspiring or mind-boggling depending on which side of the fence you sit. That said, when you consider that the Cayenne also has a certain amount of off-road capability you can start to see the sort of crowd it’s appealing to. 

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